London engagement photography || Hyde Park || Amelia & Philip

Having met Amelia and Philip at a wedding last year I was delighted to hear from them when they were planning their own wedding and wanted to capture shots of them in London around the area where they met at university in South Kensington.   They were the loveliest, most relaxed couple to work with and we had a very enjoyable evening stroll through Hyde Park until the sun went down.

London wedding photographer

Wedding Photography Advice for Brides

So You're Getting Married...

...but you've never planned a wedding or large scale event before.  Where to start?  I know there are plenty of bridal planners, blogs, wedding advice websites out there so I'm not going to go into loads of detail but what I am going to offer is some advice from a photographer's point of view and the ways in which you can help me to take the best wedding photographs for you.  

Having photographed well over 200 weddings over the last 7 years I have a good sense of what works and what doesn't and how the small details that will make the day flow better for both you and your guests.  So I've put together a few considerations for you:

1.  Your Dress

Obviously one of the most important considerations!  But bear in mind that a dress that looks spectacular in the shop, or in a magazine does not always translate into actually wearing it for 12 hours in rain and shine.  Take time to consider how you can move in your dress, whether you are going to be constantly worrying about the train.  And from my perspective, the most important; what do you want from your bridal photographs.  If you are wearing a huge dress that you can't move in it will dramatically reduce our options for portraits.  We won't be able to go very far because it takes a while to move and each time the dress requires rearranging, or adventure into fields to find some really dramatic backdrops.  The images will be more arranged, formal and static.  A dress that you can move in without assistance allow for dynamic, natural shots.

And shoes.  Wear them in!  12 hours plus on your feet is a long time and you want to still be dancing at the end of the night.  Heel guards are a great offering for your female guests to stop them sinking into the ground.  And maybe think about some personalised wedding Converse or wellies if we are venturing out into fields.

huntsham court wedding photographer

2. Group photos

It's your day, and I will happily concede to any requests that you have on your day for formal photographs.  However, my real talent and passion lies in emotive documentary shots that capture the energy and excitement of your day.  The more time we allocate to group photographs the less time I have amongst your guests creating fun portraits.  And the less time you have to enjoy your party.  If you want to have a full group shot of the entire party this is easy if everyone is on a lawn and I can hang out of a window but if we have to move all of the guests to another location this can take up 20 minutes or so.

I'd recommend no more than about 8 combinations and no more than around 8 people per shot.  If I have someone who knows the family who can help me round people up and direct then this can take 20 minutes but allow 5 minutes or so for each shot.  The bigger the group combinations the more chance there is of someone wandering off to the loo or bar just as we need them and it holding the whole thing up.

wedding photography lismore castle

3.  Weather

The one thing you really can't control.  But you can be prepared for it.  Having done many mid summer English weddings that have been conducted in heavy rain I know not to assume anything about an English summer.  Having a throw and some wellies or other sensible shoes to enable us to go outside is great.  And umbrellas - not golf umbrellas with big logos but some pretty white ones are best.  Crazy weather can result in some amazing shots if you are prepared to be a little adventurous and get outside with me!

advice for brides

4. Feeding your photographer

I love food and there is nothing worse than watching your guests feast on delicious food and then being presented with some bread and salad by the overworked caterers.  To avoid any embarrassment, and a hungry photographer (not recommended), please add me to your guests numbers so that I can eat a full meal whilst your guests do.  No one wants photographs of people eating and then I'm done by the time speeches are about to get started.  

I'm often working non stop for a very physical 8-12 hour day plus travel and if I need to go and find food elsewhere (not really practical) then I will have to leave site for an hour.  

advice for brides

5. Lighting

As well as weddings I also shoot a great number of other events and other commercial activities so I'm pretty used to working in every possible kind of venue dealing with every possible kind of lighting situation and so will cope with whatever is presented to me.  That said, I will always be thrilled to be working in beautiful natural light filled spaces that are flattering for the guest and allow for beautiful timeless shots.

Think about the sort of photography you want - do you want party style flash lit images, or gentle natural light?  Consider the spaces you are booking for getting ready (is it a dark basement studio or is it a light filled penthouse?), and the ceremony - indoors or outdoors?  Dark church or light atrium?  Is the reception venue filled with light or does it have dark walls and small windows?  

Where possible I will avoid using flash as much as possible - partly because I prefer to work with natural light but also to keep my presence at your wedding as unobtrusive as possible.

I'm happy to chat to you about these things and help with any aspect of planning your day.

advice for brides

6.  Scheduling

I'd really recommend talking through your schedule with me before finalising if it's important to you to get the best light for your portraits.  Ideally your couple portraits will be shot about an hour to two hours before sunset for the most beautiful light (obviously if it's a grey, overcast day it could be anytime of the day).  There is nothing worse than trying to do portraits in the harsh midday sun which is both unflattering (heavy shadows) and hot if it's summer.  If your schedule doesn't allow accommodating this then I recommend doing a 20 minute portrait session early in the day and then pulling you both out towards the end of the meal for some sunset shots.  These really tend to be the loveliest shots of the day as you'll be more relaxed, fed and watered.

If you are having a winter wedding then you have limited light and if you are leaving the church after dark you will just need to be aware that looking at my portfolio shots of St Tropez in September will not be a good indicator of how your photos will look!  That said, winter weddings have a beauty of their own - atmospheric and christmassy.  But ideally try and allow for the portraits to be in the last light of the day.

advice for brides

7.  Trust me!

You have booked (or are hopefully considering booking) me because you love my work and you recognise my experience in photographing weddings.  I only want the best for you and for you to be super happy with your photographs.  So if I suggest doing something that maybe feels a bit silly, please trust me!   I had the following note from a bride the other day and it reminded me that I need to reiterate to brides that they need to trust me and I need to trust my instincts even if occasionally they push back.  When I asked Alice to hug Sinead, she squealed that she didn't like that sort of shot!

 "And thank you for reminding me to trust you! The photo of Alice hugging me is, of course, one of my favourites (amongst many others!)"   Sinead

"And thank you for reminding me to trust you! The photo of Alice hugging me is, of course, one of my favourites (amongst many others!)"  Sinead

Trusting me also means not handing me with a detailed shot list but allowing me to naturally capture everything as it unfolds.  Of course if there are things that are especially important to you that have sentimental meaning such as a brooch or a guest or a pet  then please do make sure I'm aware to keep an eye out.  Allow me to be creative in the way I work and trust that I will capture every detail.

I respect that you have spent a lot of money on your dress but sometimes I will ask you to climb over a fence to get into a lovely field at sunset.  And you will be reluctant but then thank me afterwards when you receive your photos!  And you are likely to get your dress laundered at the end of the day so don't worry about it getting a little dirtied on the day.

8.  Venue restrictions

This is usually only an issue in churches.  There are no legal or official restrictions to shooting during a ceremony but every vicar is different in their approach to photographers.  Some have had bad experiences in the past and are therefore very strict about movement and placing during the ceremony.  It's hugely frustrating to hear on the morning of the wedding as I arrive at a church that no pictures are allowed during the ceremony.  Some of the most touching and beautiful shots can happen during the ceremony and it is a real shame not to have this record.

I suggest a couple of things.  Firstly find out if it's going to be an issue up front.  Find out what the vicars concerns are.  Reiterate to them that you have a very experienced photographer who does not use flash, has a camera with a silent mode and will be very very discrete and respectful.  This should calm their fears.

If it continues to be a problem I usually ask my brides if they trust me to use my own judgement to disregard any regulations and capture the ceremony in the way that I would usually do.  My priority is to you to capture your day as you want it.

advice for brides

9.  Preparation locations

When you have a number of girls, hair and make up teams and all their kit, space can get pretty crowded and messy.  Try to think about getting ready in a larger space with good natural light.  These pictures are some of the loveliest and most natural as you spend the morning with your closest girlfriends.  If you are all spread across different rooms of the house getting ready it's hard for me to capture real engagement between you.  There is nothing more lovely that the love and laughter of best friends preparing for a day like a wedding and I really want to capture that for you.

advice for brides

10.  Leave enough time!

Even if you have 5 hours to get ready, the last half an hour will always be pandemonium!  Plan for lots of extra time so that you have a chance to be ready in advance for a glass of champagne, last minute nerve calming and some photos.  Bear in mind the time it takes to lace up a bodice, especially with a team of inexperienced bridesmaids!  There is nothing worse that feeling rushed on your way to the aisle.  You want to turn up feeling calm and ready.  I will usually want to leave ahead of you so allow time so that I can photograph you getting into your dress before I leave - allow more time than you think you will need.  I'll usually spend about an hour and a half with you before I leave so there is plenty of time to capture all the details and preparation. 

advice for brides

I hope that's been of some help! 

Destination Wedding Photographer: A wedding at St Emilion & Chateau Giscours for Caroline & Anthony (Part 2)

Destination Wedding Photographer:  A wedding at St Emilion & Chateau Giscours for Caroline & Anthony (Part 2)

September was a busy month for me travelling to weddings in Lisbon, Bordeaux and Santorini and it was amazing to be thrust into new cultures and working with the different lights and backdrops in some of the most beautiful places in Europe.  

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Destination Wedding Photographer: A wedding at St Emilion and the vineyards of Bordeaux for Caroline & Anthony (Part 1)

Destination Wedding Photographer:  A wedding at St Emilion and the vineyards of Bordeaux for Caroline & Anthony (Part 1)

September was a busy month for me travelling to weddings in Lisbon, Bordeaux and Santorini and it was amazing to be thrust into new cultures and working with the different lights and backdrops in some of the most beautiful places in Europe.  

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A personal blog post. 10 years on.

I received an email this morning from Intelligence Squared.  I often go to their topical talks and debates but the headline for this one really jumped out at me.  '10 years on'.  It referred to the financial crisis and it made me quite reflective.  You see I was one of those left unemployed in the wake of the recession from my marketing job.  First we saw those scenes of the bankers carrying out their possessions in boxes from their gleaming towers.  Then it started happening to friends around me.

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London Wedding Photographer: Alice and Jack get married in Smithfields, London

London Wedding Photographer:  Alice and Jack get married in Smithfields, London

This was a wedding I've been looking forward to for a while - ever since meeting the utterly charming Alice in Stoke Newington last year.  Not only is she the most natural beauty but she is relaxed, creative and had chosen the most wonderful venues for her wedding.  First up getting ready at The Zetter in Clerkenwell, as photogenic as a hotel can get, and then the short stroll through Smithfields to the oldest church in London, St Bartholemews.  A cavernous space founded in 1123 as an Augustinian monastery.  Having photographed there before I knew that the light and colours are like a painting.   Unusually I attended the rehearsal a few days before to meet the characterful Father Peter who provided the most entertaining and authentic service I've been to in a while.  He made the wedding about Jack and Alice entirely.  It felt incredibly personal and accessible.  Fortunately for October we had a lovely warm day and so walked straight from the church and on to St Johns.  I've never eaten there before so it was a real treat to be seated with the guests and have a chance to enjoy some of Fergus Henderson's renowned food. 

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London Wedding Photographer - Jago and Madeline's Hampstead Wedding

London Wedding Photographer - Jago and Madeline's Hampstead Wedding

An intimate and personal Hampstead Heath wedding at the beautiful Burgh House followed by a party at The Star in Hampstead.

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London Wedding Photographer - Jason and Eugenie's Islington Town Hall Wedding

London Wedding Photographer - Jason and Eugenie's Islington Town Hall Wedding

It always feels like a huge privilege to be present and to photograph such an intimate wedding as this.  Just very close family and friends of the couple gathered in the drizzle at Islington Town Hall.  Fortunately Jason and Eugenie were happy to meet up before the ceremony so that we had a chance to wander the streets around the town hall and capture some portraits of the two of them - well technically 3 given that Eugenie was 7 months pregnant :-)

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London Wedding Photographer - Anna & Stuart get married at The Asylum in Peckham

asylum london wedding photography

Happily I had a second opportunity to shoot at the marvellously unique London wedding venue that is The Asylum in Peckham.  The building itself is a grade 2 listed chapel built in 1826 for the use of the residents of Caroline Gardens.  Bombed in WWII the chapel has been derelict since then and reduced to it's simplest elements.  It's essentially four walls and a roof with a raised alter platform at the end but the light is divine and the painted walls create a dreamy and muted backdrop.  You can no longer have a sit down meal at the chapel but you can stay for drinks and canapés after, which is what A & S did before heading off to The Lordship pub for a hearty pub supper.  Oh, and did I mention that Anna wore a purple gown?  Perfect.

Advice for brides and grooms - Do I need an engagement shoot?

london engagement shoot

I don't think I have a single couple who come to me and say 'we love having our photo taken!'  More often I have couples trying to figure out how they can spend less time in front of the camera and more time with their family and friends enjoying the day.  I'm pretty good at striking that balance - enough time that we can create some really special portraits of the two of you in a natural and relaxed way whilst getting you back to your guests for most of the reception time.

One way in which to speed up the process on the day is to have a pre-wedding shoot.  This can be a great opportunity to create some imagery for your save the date cards or wedding website if you have one.  It can also be good if you are soon to move home or if there is a special spot in London where you got engaged or have great memories.

But... it also serves as a fantastic way to start to feel relaxed in front of the camera so that on the wedding day you not only trust me but we can work together to more quickly create those wow images where you really look and feel relaxed and yourselves.

One of my favourite engagement shoots from the last year was David and Louise in London.  I usually suggest sunrise or sunset to capture the best light.  Sunrise being preferably as the city is so quiet at that time - and since we did this shoot on a bank holiday Monday we had the place to ourselves.  No awkward audiences and an incredibly special experience.  We started out at St Paul's and wandered down to the Embankment.  Whenever I get an opportunity to see the city with fresh eyes like this I fall in love with London all over again.

Cotswolds Wedding Photographer - Archie and Philippa get married at Charlton Park Estate

charlton park wedding photography

Sometimes everything just goes incredibly well at a wedding and it's visually very spectacular.  This was a wedding I had really been looking forward to.   Their ceremony took place at their family home on the front lawn, the ceremony was open air with the stunning backdrop of the house.  A whole gaggle of children (I lost count) and dogs accompanied Phili down the aisle.  After the ceremony guest walked over to a reception in front of the main house.  A highlight being the wing walker performance (Phili had for a short time held the record for the youngest wing walker in the world - amongst her many other achievements!).  The final stop was the teepee marquees in the woods filled with flora and fauna.  I don't think the day could have been any more perfect - at home, filled with family, friends, children and dogs and a glorious summers day.  I was literally in my element.

Wedding Planner: Albion Parties //  Marquee: LPM Bohemia  //   Catering: Essential Party Ingredients  //  Production: Sound Artist Management   //  Florist: Miranda Fairhurst   //  Videographer: Reel Vision   //  Invitations: Pemberly Fox  //  Venue:  Charlton Park Estate

Advice for new brides and grooms - London Pub Weddings


More and more frequently couples are veering away from the larger traditional wedding venues to have their wedding receptions in local pubs.  This is especially true for  many of the London weddings I shoot where the ceremony happens at a local registry office or town hall and then the guests can either bus or even walk to a nearby pub.  Often it's a local favourite of the couple which gives it a personal and intimate connection.  Pubs tend to be relaxed, informal and flexible and offer a cool and contemporary decor.  They are happy for you to decorate and to run the day as you want it without sticking too rigidly to timings and rules.  Food is often big sharing platters and traditional and substantial pub grub that is always popular.  It can also be the cheaper option - some city pubs close at weekends so don't ask for a cover charge whilst other pubs are happy to close to regulars if you can cover a minimum spend.

Some of my favourite London pubs...

1. North - The Londesborough, Stoke Newington

This one is pretty local to me and also to my brides Alice and Sinead, in the heart of Stoke Newington.  They took their guests here after their Islington Town Hall Wedding for an informal party and speeches.  For the full wedding see the blog.  Filled with quirky artworks and with a cute little outdoor patio.

2. South - The Lordship, East Dulwich

Fantastic locally sourced food, a big open and light dining room with another room upstairs for the disco.  They also have a outdoor patio.  As with all of the pubs I'm mentioning, the staff are welcoming, friendly and laid back.  Blog coming soon.

london pub wedding
Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 14.10.26.png
london pub wedding

3. East - The Roost, Dalston

Another one close to me in Dalston is The Roost.  This converted victorian pub is now a venue and shoot space only venue.    Filled with an eclectic mix of wall finishes, furniture, props & art work, it can be as creative and malleable as you wish.   The old bar, commercial kitchen and mature garden space are at the heart of the building leaving the rest as both a colourful &  blank palette.  It also has a basement club to surprise your guests with as an evenings finale.  To see the full wedding of Charlie and Lucy see the blog here.

4. (South) West - The Fox and Grapes, Wimbledon

A bit smaller and darker so less ideal for photography but great location on Wimbledon Common with great spots for taking pictures.  Cosy and traditional food.

london pub wedding
london pub wedding
london pub wedding


5.  North - The Drapers Arms, Islington

A perfect pub to follow an Islington Town Hall wedding as it's only a 10 minute walk.  They have a small room upstairs which seats around 30 people.  It's light, intimate, the food is impeccable and I really love shooting in this space.  For the full blog for this wedding click here.

london pub wedding the drapers arms
london pub wedding the drapers arms
london pub wedding the drapers arms

Lincolnshire Wedding Photographer - English country wedding for Rosa and Andy

Lincolnshire Wedding Photographer - English country wedding for Rosa and Andy

From the adorable local church to the countryside reception, Rosa and Andy's wedding was a delight to capture. A beautiful August day in Ingham punctuated with individuality....after all not many brides and grooms cycle all the way to their seats at wedding breakfast! Other favourite moments for me include the first marital head to head taking shape in the form of tug-of-war (with an extra special pair of shoes for the task) and an idyllic first dance outside in the fresh air. Wonderful! 

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