Destination Wedding Photographer: A wedding at St Emilion and the vineyards of Bordeaux for Caroline & Anthony (Part 1)

September was a busy month for me travelling to weddings in Lisbon, Bordeaux and Santorini and it was amazing to be thrust into new cultures and working with the different lights and backdrops in some of the most beautiful places in Europe.  Usually my destination weddings are those of British couples but this one was an authentically French wedding.  Both of Caroline and Anthony's family's have vineyards in Bordeaux and their local church was the breathtaking monolithic church in St Emilion (see Part 2 of this blog!).  But first, an intimate Marie wedding at the local town hall - our equivalent of a registry office - but it felt like half of the town was crammed into the tiny space in the village with Caroline's mother conducting the service.   With everything so close there were intimate family gatherings at home between each part of the day.  

The final celebrations took place at Chateau Giscours.  A sunset drinks reception followed dinner and dancing in the barns.  I have to admit the Europeans have the edge on the British when it comes to a lively reception as you will see from the pictures in the Part 2 blog coming up soon - it wasn't easy to leave!


Wedding planner - Carole Marvier from Mademoiselle Loyale //  Dress - Marjorie from Confidentiel Creation in Saint-Emilion // Grooms suit - De Fursac //  Church - Saint-Emilion // Reception - Chateau Giscours // Wine:  Chateau Mauvinon