2014 in Review


Hello dear friends and clients (and those who happily fall into both categories)...

Just a quick mail to thank everyone for their support during last year.  It's been an incredible year personally and professionally and I have added pins to my map, achieved unexpected goals, and met many wonderfully inspirational people.  I hope you enjoy the update.... thank you for your time, and wishing you all the best for 2015.  Helen x


Back in 2012 I received a beautiful email from a young wedding photographer in Auckland.  She graciously offered herself as being aspiring, but I could quickly see her amazing potential.  Not just through her work but her passion, generosity and her wonderful quirkiness.  We quickly agreed to work together and she assisted me when she visited in London for the first time.  This led to me going to stay with her (with dear friend Rosie in tow) and work with her on a number of weddings in Auckland - and the start of a beautiful friendship.  Thank you Nisha Ravji for your friendship and inspiration.


In my striving to develop my photographic style and business I attended a workshop by insanely talented destination wedding photographers Nordica in November.  It also gave me the chance to completely geek out and spend two full days talking non stop wedding photography with some fabulous photographers.  Thank you to Jakob and Cole for continuing to share your knowledge and support the industry.


After such a busy year I decided to take December off and avoid the crazy Christmas period.  I went out to Peru to spend time at a retreat centre in the jungle near Iquitos called The Temple of the Way of Light - probably the most amazing experience of my life.  Working with Shipibo shamans and understanding the power of plant medicines, I met some beautiful people and learnt so much about myself on a very thought provoking journey.


Sadly I missed my first (but hopefully not last) book launch.  Throughout 2012 and 2013 I collaborated with a brilliantly talented team to produce a beautiful book on Eastern European wellness culture published by Prestell.  We travelled to some 12 different countries exploring the landscape, the people and the alternative treatments that have been used for hundreds of years to promote wellness.  The launch happened in December and the book is now available on Amazon.  Please do take a look here.  The first person to buy a copy and spot the picture of me in it wins a prize...


From Auckland to London I've had the privilege of indulging in my love of travel and extraordinary places once again and this year photographed on a cliff top in Greece, a chateau in France, an olive grove in Italy and a theatre in Stratford Upon Avon.  I love the way my clients bring in influences from their various nationalities and really personalise their day.  I'm looking forward to weddings in Spain, Italy, France and Scotland in 2015 as well as lots in my beloved London town and the surrounding areas.  Check out my blog for recent news.


I've been spending some time on my new website since I've been back this January, adding lots of content to the galleries and blogs from recent work and travels.  

You can view the new site here.  I'd love to know what you think.  The branding is a work in progress as I develop a look and feel that represents my ethos and work.


One for the teenagers/closet 1D fans... an image from a shoot at Wembley for Red Photographic, one of my commercial clients.

I've also done a number of commercial portrait jobs, private events and parties, family and food shoots and worked with clients such as Chivas, Savills, Google, Jamesons, Moet, Campbell Bell PR, Rothiemurchus estate among others.

You can see my commercial portfolio here.