In my quest to add a few more destination weddings to my list of those around Europe and Scotland I jumped at the chance to have the opportunity to visit and photograph some weddings in New Zealand with my good friend Nisha Ravji.  When she messaged to say she had found a wedding for me to shoot I was over the moon.  After chatting over Skype Tasha and Andrew, both jockeys now living and racing in Macau, they booked me for their outdoor wedding at Belsaas Estate; a kiwi fruit orchard near Auckland. I’ve shot all sorts of weddings but I have to say that these two were quite possibly the most relaxed couple I have photographed!  The whole day and the photography went so smoothly.  Maybe it’s something about being in the outdoors – and not facing the craziness of the British weather (the last wedding I did before leaving the UK was in a horrendous downpour and gale force winds!).   I’ve now got a real taste for destination wedding photography!