Some nudity...

Not last Christmas but the one before that, I was given a very special birthday present by a dear friend.  The gift was most unusual but so perfect - a half day shoot with the very talented Holly, or Ivory Flame.  I only recently managed to organise a shoot with her and supported by my team including stylist Caroline Williams, make-up artist Tori Harris and with me assisted by Luis Urena, we shot in a location which I have been dying to use for ages - the home of my friends, artists Molly Micklethwait and Rufus White in East London. We were ridiculously lucky with the weather and although freezing the sun burst through the windows creating the most beautiful light for many of the shots.  Holly was incredibly professional despite the cold and was a dream to shoot.  At one point I put down my camera and professed that I couldn't breath I was so excited.  I think that is the point at which you realise that you are the luckiest girl in the world to have discovered a job that you love so very much.

(if you are interested in using this location let me know and I'll put you in touch with Molly and Rufus)

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