Pregnancy and baby bump photography - personal portraits at home

Much of my photography is wedding photography - possibly one of the most hectic environments and days that you can possibly choose to try and get portraits done!  I love it - the energy and chaos and emotions are all so exciting to be around and to have the opportunity to capture - and you only have once chance to capture the confetti or the first kiss or the looks of love and happiness that happen so fleetingly.  And so when I have the opportunity to spend some really intimate time with a couple for a pregnancy photoshoot in their home I relish the space and calm to be able to create some really timeless, emotive images that are a snapshot of a very special moment in time.

O & D were recommended to me by the photographer who photographed their wedding and I absolutely loved the couple of hours I spent with them in their homes.  Not long married and expecting their first child within a couple of weeks the energy and love between them was immense and infectious.  I can't wait to meet the little one to document the next stage of their journey.