Advice for brides & grooms: 10 ideas for magical confetti moments

Everyone loves a beautiful confetti shot - If you follow my instagram account you'll know I am a HUGE fan of confetti shots. The colour, the smiles, having everyone in your wedding involved in the moment as they welcome you as husband and wife for the first time. It's a truly magical moment. However with several venues and churches now vetoing traditional confetti here are my top 10 alternative confetti ideas...

1.  Bubbles

Bring out the inner children in guests of all ages by introducing this fun confetti alternative. Who doesn't love blowing bubbles?

2.  Dried Flower petals

This is one of my favourite pictures and  makes me laugh every time because Tom and Joelle had ordered in such huge quantities!  Bear in mind that tiny petals can get EVERYWHERE!!!   But they are soft, non-hazardous and biodegradable so in my eyes the best choice.

confetti alternative petals-1.jpg

3.  Rice

Easy to get hold of in plentiful supply and the rumours about it being bad for birds is not true!  This was the original tradition and was meant to symbolise showering the newly weds with prosperity and fertility.  Rice can be quite sharp though so try and throw up rather than in the faces of the happy couple!

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4.  Sparklers

If you plan to have an autumn or winter ceremony that ends after dusk then confetti is going to get lost - try sparklers instead for some extra special light. 

sparkler exit

5.  Glitter Cannons!

If you want to avoid the traditional walking down the tunnel of friends and family, how about marking the occasion and signalling the start of the party with huge glitter canons like these set off at Lismore Castle at the end of the meal as A & R let the way to the dancefloor.

6.  Natural Rose Petals

Perfect for a summer wedding - rose petals collected from the garden.  Soft, pretty and biodegradable.  No venue could complain about these!

7.  Lavender

Subtle and fragrant!  Paul and Laura created these beautiful cones which were hung at the entrance to the church ready for the final exit.

huntsham court wedding photographer

And to complete the list of 10 here are  some which I haven't yet shot but think would make a great send off!

8.  Paper Airplanes 

9. Balloons

10.  Flags

And I'll just leave you with a word of caution - maybe don't let your guests get their hands on their glass of champagne until confetti has been thrown.  One poor grandma accidentally threw her full glass of bubbles over the couple instead of her confetti.  Oops!