Oxenfoord Castle wedding photography ~ Nicola & Michael's Edinburgh Wedding

I photographed Nicola and Michael's wedding at Oxenfoord Castle near Edinburgh in October of last year, catching the end of the beautiful autumnal colours.  The wedding and reception all took place at Oxenfoord Castle, a private home that has only recently started hosting weddings.  It doesn't take much persuasion to get me up to Scotland and the lure of a castle wedding is strong.  So I headed up to Edinburgh and spent a wonderful day with this fantastic couple.   As you'd expect, Edinburgh in October was pretty chilly so the guests enjoyed the beautiful indoor spaces of the Castle although I they were happy to have a stroll in the grounds for some photos.

Nicola was super relaxed and I love the intimacy of the girls doing their own hair and make-up - it keeps the preparations so relaxed.  Nicola's long suffering father spent not inconsiderable time on his knees steaming the dress - it made me think of how my dad is the first person I call if I need help.  Many thanks to the wonderful Cecelina Tornburg - one of Nicola's bridesmaids and talented photographer who put me forward for the job.

As a wedding photographer, this was my first wedding at Oxenfoord Castle but I hope to have the opportunity to shoot here again, perhaps in the summer months.  I hope you enjoy the images below which show the highlights of the day.  Feel free to comment and if you are planning your own wedding at Oxenfoord Castle soon then I'd love to hear from you.

On seeing the slideshow Nicolas wrote to thank me... "We love it!   You've done an incredible job; we honestly couldn't be happier". 

Venue:  Oxenfoord Castle