Introducing an exciting new beer brand; Green & Pleasant

Last year I started working more closely with my filmmaker/photographer boyfriend, Christian Banfield of schmick tv.  When an old friend of his approached him to make the film for their new beer brand he put me forward for the photography, which was to take place at the same time.  After looking at my portfolio and particularly like the work I did at Seymour Oysters in Jersey and asked me to do their brand photography for use across a range of media. Fast forward quite quickly and a week so later we were setting off in the dark for the Green and Pleasant micro brewery near Burton-on-Trent in the midlands, the heartland of British brewing, with a small film crew.  Founders  Fleur Emery and Jamie Anley arrived, along with Mr Beebe the office pug to talk with enthusiasm about the development of their new product and the importance of the lands on which the brewery sit; for providing the right climate, natural conditions of good barley growing soil and immediately available natural spring waters.  To learn more about the beer take a look at the short film here and follow their progress on Facebook.

Fleur and Jamie are offering the chance for investors of anything from £10 upwards to get involved with the brand through Crowdcube and to own a part of this brand which promises to be heading in a very exciting direction!  I shall report back from the launch event featuring Rob da Bank in March...


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Wuthering Heights: Mesmerising Cinematography

So I was feeling a little glum last night and thought that I would indulge it further by going to see the new film by Andrea Arnold; Wuthering Heights.  I hadn't even seen the trailer but after watching Fishtank I was in awe of this director and beyond excited to see what she would do with this Bronte classic.  Wuthering Heights was always a favourite for me during my angsty teenage years.  It's the ultimate doomed love story for a hopeless romantic.  I used to lie in the bath in the dark listening to the audio version in the run up to my GCSE English exams. Having recently got to grips with the video function on my Canon 5D mk II I have become more intrigued by the intricacies of film.  This movie didn't disappoint for quality of inspiration.  I was so moved by the combination of power and subtlety and the tensions between the characters and nature.  The use of texture and light made my heart ache and race.  It's not a film for everyone (my father wasn't an ideal viewing companion!) but if this trailer touches you then you will understand.