Richard & Che's Wedding at The Jumeirah, Knightsbridge

For some reason I seem to end up getting a lot of event managers as my clients.  I am going to take it as a compliment as these are people who know what they want and how to make it happen!  Che was no different - she made her decision to book me as we sat around her kitchen table last year discussing the wedding.  They had the brilliant idea of doing the engagement shoot at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park at the end of last year - I had never been but it was great fun and an amazing location for a shoot. I don't do many weddings in central London so it's always a bit of a treat to have one on my doorstep that I can take the tube to!  Richard and Che were married in Knightsbridge at The Jumeirah Carlton Towers Hotel.  The whole event was managed so excellently by Jayne and Errols from Perry's which in turn made it a very stress free day.  Nothing was too much trouble for them and it makes a huge difference to have a planner on hand to manage events. The flowers by Ramels, dancefloor and backdrop by Everything Covered.  The cake was by Crumbs and Doilies and the lovely videographers were from The London Wedding Film Company.  The toastmaster was Howard Robbins. It was my first Turkish wedding and it was brilliant to see some new traditions.  The bride and groom were piped and drummed in, making two turns of the dance floor before doing their first dance - very quickly the entire wedding were on the dance floor.  Towards the end of the evening the money pinning ceremony took place - which is kind of as it sounds.  There is something wonderful about a community supporting newly-weds at the start of their lives together in that way. 2013-04-11_0017 2013-04-11_0018 2013-04-11_0078 2013-04-11_0019 2013-04-11_0020 2013-04-11_0021 2013-04-11_0022 2013-04-11_0023 2013-04-11_0024 2013-04-11_0025 2013-04-11_0026 2013-04-11_0027 2013-04-11_0028 2013-04-11_0029 2013-04-11_0030 2013-04-11_0031 2013-04-11_0032 2013-04-11_0035 2013-04-11_0033 2013-04-11_0034 2013-04-11_0036 2013-04-11_0037 2013-04-11_0038 2013-04-11_0039 2013-04-11_0040 2013-04-11_0041 2013-04-11_0042 2013-04-11_0043 2013-04-11_0044 2013-04-11_0045 2013-04-11_0046 2013-04-11_0047 2013-04-11_0048 2013-04-11_0049 2013-04-11_00502013-04-11_0052 2013-04-11_0053 2013-04-11_0054 2013-04-11_0055 2013-04-11_0056 2013-04-11_0057 2013-04-11_0058 2013-04-11_0059 2013-04-11_0060 2013-04-11_0061 2013-04-11_0062 2013-04-11_0063 2013-04-11_0064 2013-04-11_00652013-04-11_0067 2013-04-11_0068 2013-04-11_0069 2013-04-11_0070 2013-04-11_0071 2013-04-11_0072 2013-04-11_0074 2013-04-11_0075 2013-04-11_0077 2013-04-11_0076 2013-04-11_0073