Ian & Rachel's Engagement Shoot at Leadenhall Market

I hate being late and I hate having to rearrange things unless absolutely essentially so I very nervously contacted Ian after we had settled a date in the diary for our engagement shoot to ask tentatively if he would mind if we met on the Sunday morning rather than the Saturday afternoon.  Why?  Because in the time between arranging their shoot and the actual day I had foolhardily committed to spending my Saturday rowing 21 miles down the Thames from Docklands to Richmond in an old Navy tug rowing boat with a team of volunteers in The Great River Race on behalf of HASTE, a charity which raises funds for educational projects in Africa.

Thankfully Ian and Rachel are charming, flexible people and realised that having me rush straight from my race to their shoot was not ideal!  By Sunday morning I was rested and raring to go and delighted to finally meet them both having previously only spoken on Skype.  They were the perfect couple to photograph - smiling and natural from the first shots.  We had a great time wandering through the near deserted city around the dramatic Lloyds building and onto Leadenhall Market.  It was inspiring to shoot in more of a cityscape rather than a park - so many interesting backdrops, colours and textures.  I left them at lunchtime to continue their wanderings around London whilst I collapsed into a big comfy sofa with my boyfriend at Shoreditch House for a Bloody Mary and roast to recover from the weekend.