Rosie and Brad's Somerset Wedding

Rosie and I have been friends from when we were about 13 and I arrived at her school in the middle of the second year.  Everyone else had already found their friends and I was all gangly and shy and awkward.  She took me under her wing and became my best friend.  We both ended up going to university in York; she to study philosophy, politics and economics and me to study english and history of art.  In the first year we lived together, partied together and rowed together - getting up at the crack of dawn to hit the river. We've always stayed in touch but our lives took very different directions as we got older.  Whilst I headed for London for a somewhat frivolous career in marketing and events, travelling around the world putting on parties and encouraging people to drink more of my client's brands, she took a more serious direction into the RAF and our meetings became less.

But she has always been a true friend and it made me so happy to be able to photograph her wedding to Brad (whom she met in the RAF eight years ago) as they were married in Somerset at St Peter's Church, between their new home in Pylle and her family home in Barton.  The sword party as they exited the church was pretty exciting - I've not photographed one before - the men were super handsome in their uniforms.

The reception was back at their home - a newly extended farm cottage with a field for her horse, and chickens in the garden.  The marquee was beautifully decked out and the surprise show was Morris Dancers (very west country!) who entertained the guests who had to huddle in the marquee away from the rather extreme winds and then torrential rain than let loose after the ceremony.

I was rather lucky to have my partner Christian second shooting with me for part of the day - we've recently started doing more work together and it's really quite exciting to see how complementary our styles are....


Flowers by Mundy's Florist

See the full link to the gallery here.  Password is Brad's surname.