Here are some recommended videographers - some of whom I have worked with in the past others not but I like their work.  Please let them know I recommended them to you.   I've noted where they are based although like photographers are happy to travel.  The price indicates their starting bracket although for midweek weddings or destinations then you will need to speak to them for a bespoke quote. - £2,000 - London /  £2,500

Kate and Ben co-run Kissing Gate Films, a wedding cinema studio who have been providing cinematic wedding stories for longer than they care to admit!!! - Ben Foster / £1900 - East Anglia / £2650 - London - £1200 / Chertsey

My name is Pedro Portela and I am a videographer and photographer based in Surrey. I tend to work mostly in London and Surrey, with a few weddings in Hampshire, Sussex and throughout the home counties. My approach to wedding videography is what I call a cinematic documentary style. While these days attaching "cinematic" to anything film related is thought to make it look cool, I really believe my films have a cinema-like quality. Using the footage, editing cuts, and rich images, along with a selected music score I put together fairly unique films. - West Sussex / £2,500 - Manchester / £3,000

I am based near Manchester but work 50% in the south and 50% abroad, never in the north west for some reason.  I am zero impact style - that’s zero impact on the wedding and the photographer :)  I like to use a minimalist editing style with core film narrative structure.  This seems to attract many clients from both the television movie industries.  Packages start at £3000 but I can be persuaded to shoot lower budget weddings if the couple are the right fit. - Bournemouth - £2,000 - £2000

Creative Director commission starts at £3500.00, plus £600 for a second shooter, plus travel expenses. Based UK and Switzerland.