Hannah + Danny’s Engagement Shoot in Edinburgh

I've just arrived back home in Surrey after a whirlwind of three weddings, two engagement shoots and a magazine shoot in Scotland.  I'm working through the editing but seem to have started backwards with this shoot being the last one I did last night whilst it's fresh in my mind. Hannah went ahead and booked me for her wedding at Mar Hall before we had even met.  When we did finally meet it was a fleeting coffee in a café in Glasgow after I had spent a very special night with friends on a Gullane Beach in Edinburgh.  I had woken at 6am to the sound of the sea and a clear blue sky before hurrying back to Glasgow to meet Hannah.

So on Sunday afternoon I finally got a chance to spend a bit more time with Hannah and to also meet Danny.  Despite Hannah having just come back from her hen weekend in Ely she looked gorgeous and fresh faced.  Hannah and Danny are easily the youngest couple I’ve photographed at only 23 (they will be 24 when they marry next month) and I sighed over how lucky they were to have avoided 10 years of dating and uncertainty – and of course that they will look handsome and young in their wedding pictures (something I feel I have now missed the boat on!)

They took me down to Cramond Shore in Edinburgh where Danny proposed after setting a treasure hunt trail for Hannah.  After a few wrong turns she followed the clues including an ipod message left with an ice cream seller, a boat named ‘Hannah’ and a Harry Potter-esq tree with sprawling exposed roots to find Danny waiting for her on a bench by the river with a ring and a bottle of champagne.  We followed the route of the treasure hunt stopping for plenty of photos along the way.  The sun even came out for a bit as they snuggled down into the grasses on the beach.   Such perfect young love.