An Intimate London Ceremony

A couple of summers ago I was both guest and photographer at the wonderful wedding of Nick and Pip in Somerset and had the pleasure of sitting on a table with both a friend Lisha and also newly engaged couple Charlie and Tetyana.  Now, Lisha is one of my biggest supporters, for which I am eternally grateful!  I've covered a number of weddings recently on the back of her glowing reference and she didn't hesitate in recommending me to Charlie and Tetyana there and then.  Following the wedding I picked out this sweet moment between them from the wedding: 2012-06-11_001

Disappointingly I was already booked for their full wedding in the Ukraine this month but I was able to join them for the more intimate ceremony at the absolutely stunning Temple Church in central London (which is featured in The Da Vinci Code); one of the most historic and beautiful churches in London.

The warden closed off the church to the visitors and there was an incredible sense of calm and quiet anticipation in this vast space as Charlie waited at the end of the intimidatingly long aisle.  There was pure joy in their faces and it was very emotional to have been a part of such a wonderful occasion.  And Charlie and Tetyana were the perfect couple to photograph after the ceremony; so happy, easy and relaxed with one another.

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Nick + Pip's West Country Wedding

It gets a little difficult to take pictures when you are wiping an emotional tear or two away but that's what I've undertaken the past few weekends when a couple of dear friends have finally tied the knot (although not to each other...). I met Nick about 6 years ago and have many happy memories that this blog doesn't have room (or licence) for.  I was so excited that he asked me to photograph the wedding - I hadn't even met his fiancé at this point as it had all been a rather whirlwind affair starting on the dance floors of the London Scottish reeling clubs.  I was utterly charmed when I met Pip - she lights up the room with a smile that seems unending.  And that smile, along with Nick's stayed firmly put from the moment I arrived at her mother's house in Tisbury to the final twirls on the dance floor back at Nick's beautiful family home at Milton on Stour.

The ceremony took place at the spectacular Palladian style New Wardour Castle which discretely houses a rather grand and cavernous Roman Catholic chapel.

After the ceremony the guests went on ahead Nick and Pip had some time together with me for photos and then a leisurely drive back to the house, after a quick champagne stop, where the guests were waiting for the car to pull in and shower them with confetti.  With the sun out everyone was able to mingle on the lawn over champagne and canapés for a couple of hours before heading into the marquee as the sun dropped.  The speeches were, and I know I am biased but, nothing short of excellent.  Heartfelt, honest, funny and utterly endearing.  Cue more tears...

The full album of images with all the guest pictures are here.  The password is Mason.

I can't wait to see the new Mr and Mrs Mason back in London very soon xxx