Neil and Antanas' Civil Ceremony at Town Hall Hotel, London

There is never a greater pleasure than photographing a friend's wedding - it gives such an intimate access into the day that as a guest you don't have.  I was so flattered that Neil and Antanas chose me to be their photographer at their very intimate ceremony and meal at the gorgeous Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green.  I've both stayed and worked there before so I knew what a fantastic location it would be; a mixture of Edwardian grandeur, art deco and contemporary. Having flown in early that morning from a wedding in Scotland I joined the boys getting ready in their suite.  I am usually with the girls for the preparation shots before a wedding so it was a delightful change and full of laughter and absolutely no dramas.

The ceremony took place in the simple panelled Majors Room followed by champagne in the ante chamber and then cocktails in the bar.  They had use of the rather dramatic council chamber for the meal - probably the most unusual reception venue I've seen.

It was a gorgeous day and I took them outside for a few shots around the building.  They were perfect models and so full of joy and happiness to be together which I think comes through in the pictures.

Sadly I couldn't join them as they headed off to Ibiza the following day as I had to head back up to Scotland but by all accounts they  had the most incredible after party.2013-07-16_0001 2013-07-16_0003 2013-07-16_0004 2013-07-16_0005 2013-07-16_0006 2013-07-16_0007 2013-07-16_0008 2013-07-16_0009 2013-07-16_0010 2013-07-16_0011 2013-07-16_0012 2013-07-16_0013 2013-07-16_0014 2013-07-16_0015 2013-07-16_0016 2013-07-16_0017 2013-07-16_0018 2013-07-16_0019 2013-07-16_0020 2013-07-16_0021 2013-07-16_0022 2013-07-16_0023 2013-07-16_0024 2013-07-16_0025 2013-07-16_0026 2013-07-16_0027 2013-07-16_0028 2013-07-16_0029 2013-07-16_0030 2013-07-16_0031 2013-07-16_0032 2013-07-16_0033 2013-07-16_0034 2013-07-16_0035 2013-07-16_0036 2013-07-16_0037 2013-07-16_0038 2013-07-16_0039 2013-07-16_0040 2013-07-16_0041

Saville Row at Lords

On behalf of sponsors Chivas (and Campbell Bell Communications) I attended the first fashion event to ever be held at Lords Cricket Ground last month.  Nineteen Savile Row tailing houses showcased their style across one hundred outfits showcased in a live fashion show across the  Lord's Long Room and Pavillion. Models, friends and actors including Dougray Scott and journalist AA Gill were modelling the outfits.

My client Chivas were holding court in the Writing Room where they were serving  Chivas 12, 18 and 25 on the rocks plus cocktails on the roof terrace.

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