Shooting dancers

A new challenge last week - facing November temperatures and shooting a couple of dancers outside.  I met Emelye at Camp Bestival in the summer - she gave me some wellies (she was working for Shuh) and I was working for Monkey Shoulder.  We swapped numbers and finally managed to meet up in Portsmouth for a shoot with her friend James. Pretty early in the shoot the police rolled up to say they had received a complaint from some locals about people 'prancing in their underwear'.  The police obviously didn't waste much time in coming to have a look.... once we promised that Emelye wouldn't be stripping down any further they let us continue without concern for further risk.

We started off at Knowle Village - a community village built around the old hospital buildings then ended up at Titchfield Abbey, the ruins of a 17th century abbey which was a gorgeous location.  Hair and make up by Tori Harris.  Delicious cupcakes for eleveneses baked by Emelye.