Before the big day...

Engagement Shoot

I offer an engagement shoot at a discounted rate for my wedding clients of £250.  Many of my clients express concern about having their photograph taken and how they look.   An engagement session gives you the opportunity to see how I work, to feel more comfortable in front of the lens and for us to get to know each other better before the day. 

I ask that you suggest a location within London (although I am happy to travel further afield if my costs are covered).  I am a natural light photographer so the best times are either first thing in the morning or preferably at the end of the day.  The average shoot lasts about one hour and then there is time for us to have a coffee and run through the wedding details again.  The shoot will usually take place about 1-2 months before the wedding, depending on the seasons.  Take a look at some of the sessions on my blog to give you ideas.  

Some brides will choose to use this as an opportunity to have their practice run for hair and make up for the wedding and taking a little extra time to get ready will ensure you feel more confident in front of the camera.  That said, the engagement session is very relaxed.

I’ve photographed at the BBC props department, zoo, parks, museums, at home, city centres so am happy to consider any location.  And feel free to bring props! 

Group shots

This is the part that every guest dreads at a wedding - hours of standing around with no drink, waiting to be called into line for endless photographs.  I’ve been there.  And so for me group shots are about a balance between keeping guests happy and achieving the essential photographs.  To help do this as quickly as possibly I ask for a list of shots from you in advance which include the name and relationship of each person.  I will also ask that you allocate one close family member or friend who has a loud voice who can help me with forming the groups.  I will happily do as many group photos as you like but my recommendation for happy guests and not keeping you all standing around too long is approximately 8 shots, with no more than about 10 people per shot which would take around 20 minutes.  Some suggestions include:

  • Bridal party                                                     
  • Bride and bridesmaids
  • Groom and ushers                                           
  • Bride and groom with parents
  • Bride and groom with each side of the families

I will usually take the bridal party off for some extra shots in a different pre-planned location before then taking the couple off for the bridal shots for some beautiful, casual shots in private.  Allow 30 minutes for this.

How I work

This is your wedding and my role is to capture the day as it rolls out.  To that end I limit any ‘organisational’ aspects to the group shots and to the bridal portraits.  For the rest of the day I am working relatively discretely to cover every part of your day.  If you have any specific people you would like me to focus on, or details that are important to you then please do let me know in advance.  I don’t work from any set shot list as this takes my attention away from what is happening and I won’t stop you to re-enact your cake cutting or post your guests at table shots but rather focus on a more journalistic style that captures the atmosphere of the day.


It is usually a very long day for me - starting before you wake up and ending once the dancing is in full swing and I make my way home.  I respectfully request that a meal be provided for me (it doesn’t have to be the same meal as you are eating but should be a full hot meal) during the main meal for the guests.  No one likes having their photo taken whilst they are eating so I’ll duck out of the way for half an hour to have my meal then in the bar area or out of the way of the guests. 

Your images

Please allow up to 6 weeks for full receipt of all of your images.  I will usually send you a couple of sneak peak images within 24 hours to build your anticipation followed by a slideshow of the top images to share with friends and family.  When the final images are ready I will send you a link to a private online sharing gallery.  A USB with all your images in high resolution will follow in the post.  I will always talk to you first and get your permission before I post your images on social media sites.

Talk to me

I am here to help!  Both before the wedding and on the day.  If you want to check timings and flow of the day with me or have me help you fasten your necklace or hand you a tissue at the alter then I am here and part of your wedding party from the moment I arrive.  

Helen x