If you take a look on my Testimonials page you will see that my brides frequently comment on how discrete I am.  My preference is to blend in with your guests and the background in order to capture the most vivid and naturalistic photographs I can.  I describe my style as a mix of 90% documentary and 10% portrait.  This means that if you hate having your photograph taken then I am your perfect photographer!   I'm looking to capture you and your guests in the most emotive and storytelling way which means minimal posing.  Even the posed shots are captured in a way that feels organic and unstaged.  To understand more about my style see my page on What is Documentary Wedding Photography

I'm happy to chat on the telephone for a more personal way to get in touch, +44 7894 557881.  Or you can email me on helenabraham@me.com or via the contact form.  I aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.  If you don't receive a response your message may have gone into my spam for technical reasons so please do pick up the telephone.

I currently live in Hackney in East London and work out of a studio in Dalston.  But I've lived all over the UK and travelled extensively and don't consider anyone particular place my original home.

Yes absolutely.  I am a passionate traveller and my camera has taken me all over the world to shoot weddings as well as work with other clients.  My furthest wedding has been New Zealand but most of my work is UK and Europe based.  I charge basic travel costs and accommodation when travelling for destination weddings.  Contact me for a quote.

It really depends on your wedding day.  For smaller weddings I tend to shoot alone as I find this is more discrete and respectful of the vibe of a more intimate wedding.  For weddings over 100 people then I tend to recommend that I bring a second shooter.  I work with a fantastic group of very talented photographers  whose work matches mine stylistically and who have considerable experience shooting weddings.  On larger weddings I can provide a team of photographers, videographers and assistants to suit the scale of your event.

My usual day is about 8 hours which takes you from at least an hour of preparation shots through to first dancing.  Hours can be extended of course - please chat to me about your wedding plans to ensure that you get the coverage you need for your day.

During the summer I mostly use two Fuji XT2 bodies - they are discrete and light and allow me to work in the way I enjoy with a freedom of movement. I also use two Canon 5D Mk III bodies and a range of prime lenses and a few flash heads for when the lights go down.  I travel light with a small kit to make me more responsive to the environment. You will undoubtedly will have at least one guest with a bigger camera and bigger lens than me.

Yes - some venues do ask that I provide evidence of my public liability insurance which I am happy to do. I also have full professional indemnity

I use a beautiful online gallery system to share your images with you with the images split according to the time of day so it's super easy for you to navigate and find the images you want.  From this private gallery you can share images to friends and family or to social media.  You can also print good quality images through my print partner, or download individual images or the full gallery so you can store it on your hard drive at home.  The images are guaranteed to be on the site for at least a year.

Most of my work comes through word of mouth and so social media usage is vital to my business - and probably how you found me.  Of course I will always respect my client's wishes and so if you specifically ask me not to share your images I won't although I do ask that I can use venue and details shots if not those where you are recognisable.  I often submit weddings to blogs but they would contact you directly for permission and with some questions about your day.

When will we receive the images?

Allow up to 6 weeks during my busiest period over the summer months although I will always endeavour to get your photographs back to you as soon as possible.  For a full day of shooting expect to receive around 600 images.

How can I book you?

Please get in touch with me via email - helenabraham@me.com or via the online contact form.  If I am available it will be great to have a chat and hear all the details about your day.  I take a £600 non-refundable booking fee and this secures the date.  I can't hold or pencil dates without a booking fee.  The balance is due 30 days before the wedding.  My contract outlines the cancellation fees in the unfortunate event that your wedding is cancelled, although I can move dates where available.

Do you offer albums?

Yes, I work with a beautiful album supplier called Folio who create hand bound leather or fabric art books with the imagery printed onto art paper which really brings the images to life.  You can see examples here.

What happens if you are sick on my wedding day?

Fortunately this has never happened to me although I recognise that sickness and accidents are always a possibility.  I have an amazing network of photographers here and abroad who I can contact very quickly and from experience with others I am confident I can have a suitable replacement to you at very short notice.  

Who owns the copyright on the images?

I hold the copyright for the imagery although you are free to use them for personal usage.

Do I need to feed you on the day?

Yes please!  A hungry photographer is not what you need on your wedding day :-)

Will you give me the negative or RAW files?

Nope.  This is like an artist handing over his sketch book.  Part of my service is carefully selecting and curating the images to tell your day in a beautiful photo series and you are trusting me in booking me to select the best images to do this.

Do you do group photos?

It's your wedding day and I am here to capture it in the way that you want.  That said, I would recommend no more than 8 group photos - I can make recommendations on this - to ensure that this is done quickly and you get back to your guests to enjoy the day rather than spending an hour posing for photographs.  I would rather be capturing the reception in documentary style and looking out for those beautiful moments and this is where my skill lies.  See more about this  on my Advice for Brides page.

How long do you need for couple portraits?

I would love to take you away at sunset for an hour or two to the most amazing location in the area but.... your wedding day is usually 8-10 hours and I respect that you want to spend this time enjoying your day and being with your friends and family.  I usually ask for a minimum of 20 minutes at the reception and then another 10 minutes at sunset if it works with your schedule to pop out for a few more shots (I usually find this is when you are most relaxed and we can get the loveliest photos).  Ideally it would be great to speak to you before finalising your schedule so that we can work together to fit the photography into the day in the best way to balance getting fabulous shots with you enjoying your day.

See the photoshoot as an opportunity for the two of you to step away from the crowd for a bit of time - it's pretty much the only time throughout the day that you get to spend some intimate time together.  I direct in a very informal way so we will just go for a stroll around the grounds.  See more about this  on my Advice for Brides page.

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